SONA began in 2015 with co-founders Michelle Lewis and Kay Hanley. A group of Los Angeles songwriters joined together after finding out about the abysmal streaming rates in the music industry to fight for their rights and above all raise the streaming rates in music and the digital platforms it is distributed upon.  To learn more please visit our site:

                  SONA is an organization made up of songwriters, composers, artists, producers, and publishers, committed to preserving the value of musical work and sustaining fair compensation for its use in the digital age.


Interviews on Songwriting


              "Lyrics aren’t linear.  Unless your lyrics are for a traditional country song or for musical theater, modern pop song lyrics have evolved to depict only one moment in time, which is why I liken songwriting to taking a picture.  Lyrics are meant to capture a feeling you have right before something happens, while something is happening or right after something happened.  There may be a tiny bit of motion between verses one and two – the feeling gets deeper, something happens again, etc – but it’s minimal compared to any other kinds of writing, besides haikus perhaps."